The Ergonomic Benefits Of OFM Task Chairs

The Ergonomic Benefits Of OFM Task Chairs

Office Furniture Manufacturers like OFM, Inc., design and manufacture furniture that helps employers across the country to make their workplaces more comfortable and more productive.

We have ergonomics studying human abilities in relation to the workforce, thus following the ergonomic requirements of both employees and employers.

There are agencies like ANSI and BIFMA that help with the comfort and productivity of the workplace. The tasks of such agencies are described below:

American National Standards Institute Mission or ANSI

Improve both the global competitiveness of US operations and US quality of life by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems and ensuring integrity.

Corporate and International Furniture Manufacturers Association or BIFMA

BIFMA considers itself to be industrys voice for workplace solutions, and their task is to lead, advocate, inform and develop standards for the North American office and institutional furniture industry.

From the employees point of view, lets discuss for a while a chair designed for use on a computer workstation. A good chair provides the necessary support for the back, legs, buttocks and arms, while exposures are complicated in emergency situations, contact stress and powerful efforts. It should be an ergonomic ergonomic work chair that is comfortable.

Increased adjustability provides better fit for the user, provides adequate support in different seating positions, enabling varying seating positions throughout the working day. This is especially important if the chair has multiple users.

From the manufacturers point of view, the chairs should be office chairs that are properly designed and meet or exceed all ergonomic, ANSI and BIFMS standards.

These are serious considerations of OFM, Inc. They manufacture according to these standards as they strive to eliminate ergonomic problems at the workplace and help employers to improve productivity.

Consider the following ergonomic OFM office work chairs.

OFM Super Chair Model 105 is a modern office chair and a perfect example of true ergonomic design at work. It is facing hard office use. The backrest is easily adjusted up and down or in and out. It has 3 1 and 2 foam on an extra wide seat, a stain resistant 100% polyester fabric and 360 degrees seat angles. The user can make personal adjustments using the height adjustment for the seat or back height and depth of the gaslift. The stain resistant fabric is included in an extra wide seat . It has a fully restrained back and standard wheel is included for mobility in the area.

OFM offers in its future direction this Super Chair available in three other models. The first is with arms of Model 105 AA. In addition to the above mentioned features, it comes with a seven position adjustable arm height. Sometimes it is best for an employee to rest arm and and or elbows while writing on a keyboard or simply resting his arms from time to time.

For professions like Drafting, Super Chair comes with a drawing kit and is available with and without arms. The extra ergonomic attraction here is the footrest. When the chair pivots and rolls, one foot or both feet may be in comfort while working.

The Model 118 2 Workout Holder is a height adjustable chair and adjusts directly. The armrests and backrests are also adjusted. It has built in lumbar support and an adjustable backing that guarantees day long comfort. The seat swings 360 degrees and it has a height adjustment for the gas lift. It has a fully restrained back and back height and the pitch can be adjusted. It also has a built in support in the lumbar spine. The fabric is stain resistant and standard wheels are included. Like all OFM chairs, they meet or exceed the ANSI and BIFMA standards. The chair is available with and without arms as well as a drawing kit.

These chairs are available with and without arms and mission packages. They are modern ergonomic work chairs and an office chair for furniture designed to keep you cool and have ergonomic adjustments to keep you comfortable. The back of the respiratory network is adjusted in height and pitch directly for day long comfort. The seat height is adjusted and there is evenly integrated adjustable lumbar support. Extra weapons are adjusted for total ergonomic comfort. The modern design is perfect for any office or home office environment. The seat swings 360 degrees and it has a height adjustment for the gas lift, seat height adjustment, back height and level adjustment.

The chair has built in lumbar support, respiratory protection net and a stain resistant fabric. Its a modern design with a 3 thick seat and the other standard rolls are included.

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