Chico High Chair Reasons Why We Chose It for Our Family

Chico High Chair Reasons Why We Chose It for Our Family

With the literally hundreds of different chairs available for your baby, how in the world do you choose the right one? Since we are three parents, we have recently reviewed the exact same scenario. First we tried to use phonebooks and other things to support our children, and even seem to keep them in our lap while we tried to feed them and eat at the same time. This was a big mistake and a great mood killer and anger inducer. If you are thinking of trying this myself, Ill save my headache, do not.

Finally, we decided to surf the net and start asking friends for their personal views on highchairs. The results were as varied as sand on the beach of the beach, we really did not get that far. In the end we got a list of what the most important features were as we wanted, then comparing the list of honest reviews we found through friends or online. Again it was difficult to find an impartial or honest review of chairs because it seems that everyone tried to drive us to buy something they had some experience with. That said, we ended up putting together a good list that we wanted to share with this childrens shop.

The first thing you need to ask is how much you want to spend. If you are super rich and do not have a budget, you can easily buy the most expensive chair and call it one day. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals do not have this option, and therefore have to provide a budget for the purchase. If you are budget for your childs highchair is really small, then your best bet is craigslist shopping or garage sales shopping. Many times you can find stealing on a highchair, the only problem is that you do not have a choice and have to settle for whatever you find. Our budget was around $ 100 even and with this budget we could buy one of the best chairs on the market, Polly Chico highchair.

The next thing that was important to us was portability. We are a family who constantly travels from grandparents, to aunt to family and friends. Having said that, it was crucial that the chair we chose was able to fit into an SUV back along with a stroller and other essential things. Chico meets this mark on the checklist with flying colors. Almost every single part of the chair has the ability to fold and the tray goes nicely so that you can fit these kids on the back of a sedan then if needed. Before we had a birthday party at my parents house that lives across the city. It was such a relief to be able to quickly put up and throw the highchair on the back of the car so that we could use it for the celebration.

The last but most important thing on our checklist was the security. After looking long and hard, Chico stood out as one of the safest chairs in our budget. One of the things we love about the chair is that it does not matter what position or height you have in and believe that this matter is more adjustable than a transformer it is as stable as a stone. It comes with straps and a belt to hold children who are a bit smaller and reclines to keep babies from trying to lean over the front. Two of my three children are of course refugee artists but have not been able to break out from Chico to this day.

Apart from the qualities, affordable prices are also the factors that you can take into account why Chico highchairs are widely used in all events. And if you buy this product in bulk order, some retailers offer discounts for bulk orders.

It would be a good idea if you buy many chico highchairs and tables so anytime you have an event in the house, whether its big or small, you have these things ready to use for your attitude.

Now that you know what we wanted in a high chair, keep in mind that its always best to create your own list and then compare reviews. In fact, we were so disappointed with the predefined reviews online that we created our own website that only has our honest opinions about chairs and other accessories for your little ones. No brand pays us to review their product. We do it on our own to help other parents.

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