Cedar Island Lighthouse – East Hampton, Long Island, New York

Cedar Island Lighthouse – East Hampton


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May, 1999 visit to Cedar Point Island Lighthouse (with map and directions)

1906 Map Showing the Cedar Island Lighthouse Location (MAP KEY)

Cedar Island (Cedar Point) Lighthouse is located on the south shore of Long Island in Cedar Point County Park in Easthampton. The lighthouse is situated on Cedar Island, just off of Cedar Point, between the waters of Northwest Harbor and Gardiners Bay.

Settled in 1651, Cedar Point was once a busy port for shipping farm goods, fish, and timber from Sag Harbor. The historic Cedar Point Lighthouse stood on an island 200 yards from shore when it was built in 1860. Its beacon served to guide whaling ships in and out of Sag Harbor during its hey-day as a major port. The hurricane of 1938 transformed the shoreline, shifting sands to create a narrow, walkable strip that now connects the lighthouse with the mainland.

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