Lighthouse Guide

Lighthouse Guide

Lighthouses of Long Island, New York

Long Island Lighthouse Guide


Locate Long Island Lighthouses by:

  • Regional Listing (Drop-Down Navigation Menus)
  • Clickable Map of Lighthouse Locations
  • County & Town Listing (Table)

Alphabetical Listing of Long Island Lighthouses – View Photographs, Maps & Driving Directions

* Lost Lighthouses of Long Island, New York

Lighthousing with Bob and Mary Ann

Historic Long Island Lighthouse Post Cards

Lighthouses of Connecticut


Alphabetical Listing of Connecticut Lighthouses – Photographs

Lighthouses of Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Alphabetical Listing of Cape Cod Lighthouses – Photographs

Lighthouses of Salem Harbor & Shore, Massachusetts

Alphabetical Listing of Salem Harbor & Shore Lighthouses – Photographs

Lighthouses of New Hampshire

Alphabetical Listing of New Hampshire Lighthouses – Photographs

Lighthouses of Maine

Alphabetical Listing of Maine Lighthouses – Photographs

* Guide to Lighthouses of Long Island, NY with Map * Lighthousing with Bob & Mary Ann *
* Lighthouses of Connecticut * Lighthouses of Cape Cod, MA * Lighthouses of Salem Harbor & Shore, MA *
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