Shark NV31 Infinity Upright Review

Shark NV31 Infinity Upright

A lot of consumers are looking for upright vacuum cleaners that are bagless and have cyclone action because of the suction power they have even when the dust cup is getting full, and because there is no need to go out and replace bags on a regular basis. Shark is a manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and the Shark NV31 Infinity Upright is one of their offerings in that category. But when you take it and compare to leading manufacturers like Eureka or Dyson just how does it hold up?

Shark NV31 and accessories

Positives of the Shark Infinity Upright cleaner

Shark NV31 Infinity Upright Vacuum CleanerFirst of all lets talk about this cyclonic system so many are talking about. Many customers of vacuum cleaners that have this system on varying manufacturers and models have said that the power of this technology does not always perform as advertising promises. Some have said that even with a cyclonic system the power of suction is actually affected still when the dust cup needs emptying.

While Euro-Pro, owners of Shark did not come up with this technology themselves, they sis put in a patent for 24 cyclones which they claim guaranteed constant suction power. Talking to customers and reading vacuum reviews it can be seen that most say the suction is good, and stays good. Even those who have problems with the cleaner in other areas are happy with its suction power and how it compares to other machines.

The Euro-Pro Shark NV31 Infinity has been designed specifically for the removal of pet hair from carpeting and calls it their ‘pet care system’. Most reviewers report the pet attachment works well and stands up to other top brands, though it does not outshine them. Some felt this feature its best one. It also comes with a washable HEPA filter, the best filtration system you can get in a cleaner. It is able to stop even tiny particles from escaping the vacuum. This system is especially important for people with allergies.

Criticisms of the Shark Infinity Upright cleaner

Whatever the brand when you have a bagless vacuum with cyclonic suction power you will need to rinse it on a regular basis. Now the company claim it about every 3 months so just 4 times a year. In fact customers have found that it needs rinsing and cleaning a lot more than that. Apart from the extra time you having to spend cleaning your vacuum, it also means it is out of action more often as it has to be allowed to dry for 1 to 2 days before you use it again. If you live in a home with pets or with high traffic being without a vacuum for 2 days can quickly see things getting backed up.

Another issue customers have that is justified, is that the dust cup is small, smaller even than other competitor’s cleaners. So you are having to empty and deal with the dust on a more regular basis and that is adding to how much time you have to spend cleaning your home.

Clogging seems to be something that comes up very often in customer vacuum cleaner reviews for the Shark Infinity. There seems to be a design flaw where the inner screen tube that sits in the canister is overly long and this leads to things like hair and dirt to get stuck inside as there is nowhere for it to drop. When you compare it to a lead competitor like Dyson you can see they have a tube that is just a third of the canister’s length which means debris falls off easily and there is not clogging.


The fact is the Euro-Pro Shark NV31 Infinity Upright Vacuum Cleaner is not a top of the range model, there are some issues. However it is not a terrible cleaner, it cleans well and you have the bonus of paying a lot less than the market’s leading manufacturers.