Best Uses for Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Best Ways To Use Your Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

If you already have a vacuum cleaner that works just fine you probably are wondering why people bother getting another just because it is handheld. Why spend more money after all on a handheld when with some attachments you can get those jobs done with what you have? Well firstly there are some jobs that are just better handled by a handheld vacuum cleaner and there are other advantages too that include saving time and easier to do. So here is a look at how a handheld vacuum cleaner can be of great use to you even if you already have full size you are happy with.

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Taking care of the stairs

Most bulky uprights are a pain to use on the stairs. Even if you have one that comes with a hose and wand and attachments it is still cumbersome and awkward, and it takes up time. Sometimes the hose is not long enough, sometimes the cord has to be unplugged half way to upstairs somewhere. And then there is the weight of the cleaner moving it up and down each time you clean them. Having something portable like a handheld means you can take it out of storage easily, move it to where you want, carry it without breaking a sweat or straining yourself and get the job done quickly and easily.

Cleaning the car

hooverNo matter how long the cord of your heavy cleaner is, in most cases it is not going to help you clean your car. A handheld could even be kept in the car if that is where you intend to use it and it will not take up a large amount of trunk space. You can reach easily under the seats, clean out the mats and underneath those too and clean the seats. You can also dust the dashboard and clean inside the trunk.

Picking up pet hair

Often pet owners will choose to get a handheld for cleaning up the pet hair around the home especially clumps where their favorite sleeping places are! Having a handheld to give your couch a quick clean when guests are coming and you do not want them covered in Fido hairs is a very handy thing. There are some companies that specifically make handhelds for this job.

Cleaning the sofa

As mentioned the sofa can be a place where dirt, hair, crumbs and lint gather. Rather than getting out a heavy vacuum cleaner you can get your handheld to do a quick but effective clean when it is getting too crumby even for you. Also it can reach down into those scary places between cushions so that you do not get that yuckiness in your finger nails.

Picking up spills

A little clumsy, or have kids that are? A handheld is so much easier to use when you spill the cereal, or there are a bunch of crumbs on the table after breakfast.

Reaching into those rarely cleaned small spaces

All homes have those hard to reach places that the big cleaner can’t do so it gets left each time. In between counters or furniture, under tables or beds, behind the TV. A handheld vacuum cleaner can get in there quickly and leave those places a lot cleaner than they have been in a while!