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Scrope/Scroope Lineage

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Scrope/Scroope History in Literature

Shakespearean Plays

The Life and Death of King Richard II

The First Part of King Henry IV

The Second Part of King Henry IV

The Life of King Henry V

Other Plays

Thomas of Woodstock


“The Knight’s Portrait” from“The General Prologue” of Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales”

Border Ballads

The Ballad of Kinmount Willie

The Ballad of Hughie the Graeme

Other Ballads

The Ballad of Flodden FieldThe Ballad of the Battle of AgincourtThe Ballad of Bosworth Field

Coat of Arms


Azure, a Bend d’Or’

Scrope Coat of Arms History & Disputes

Surname Meaning:

The Scroope surname may possibly be derived from the French (Norman) “Le Scrob” or “Le Scroop” which may suggest that a man by the name of Scrob born circa 1100 had a livelihood as a “shell fisherman”, or more specifically, a “crab fisherman”, an occupation native to the coast of Normandy or Brittany in France at that time. The name is also said to possibly come from the nickname “Le Scrob”, or “the crab”, given to Richard Le Scrob (Scroop, Scrop, Scrupe), son of Scrob, by jealous Saxons of Edward the Confessor’s court.

Alternatively, some historians believe that the name Scrob is derived from “scrub” or “shrub”, from which the town of Shrewsbury (mentioned in a charter as “Scrobbensi” in 901) is interpreted as the ” town of shrubs”. However, it is possible that this town’s name actually comes from a personal name, of the afforementioned Richard le Scrob, whose Castle was located nearby and who administered this part of the Welsh border region.

Spelling variations:

Scroope, Scrope, Scroop,

Scrop, Scrupe, Le Scrope



[skrOOp], [lu skrOOp]

Places Named After Scropes/Scroopes

Carlton Scroop, LincolnshireShrewsbury, ShropshireScroope House, University of CambridgeScroope Terrace, University of Cambridge

Scropes/Scroopes in the Domesday Book

Scrope/Scroope Nobility in England

Family Titles

Barons Scrope of Masham and UpsallBarons Scrope of BoltonEarl of WiltesEarl of Sunderland

Family Seats

Bolton CastleBolton HallCastle CombeClifton CastleCockerington HallCroft-on-TeesDanby HallEllerton-on-SwaleFelton HallManor of HambledenHorksley ParkLangar HallLangley HallSouth KilvingtonSpennithorneManor of ThorntonUpsall CastleWadworthWarmsworthWalburn Hall

Family History

Scrob (Le Scrob)Richard Le ScrobThe Scropes of BoltonThe Scropes of Masham and UpsallThe Scropes and the Isle of ManThe Scropes of DanbyThe Scropes of Cockerington