Mary Scrope of Bolton

Mary Scrope was the daughter of Emanuel, eleventh Lord Scrope of Bolton, and the first Earl of Sunderland.

Mary married Charles Paulet, Earl of Wiltshire and son and heir of The Marquess of Winchester. Through this marriage, Charles Paulet acquired the estate at Bolton, that was left to his wife by her brother John Scrope. He was afterwards created Duke of Bolton.

They had a daughter:

    • Lady Jane Paulet (1655-1716) - married John Egerton, 3rd Earl of Bridgwater; they had a son:
      • Sir Scrope Egerton - 4th Earl & 1st Duke of Bridgwater (1681-1745); married Elizabeth Churchill [Countess of Bridgwater - born about 1686, died in 1714; daughter of  Sir John Churchill (1st Duke of Marlborough) and Sarah Jennings (Duchess of Marlborough)] about 1702 in England; They had a daughter:
        • Lady Anne Egerton

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