John Scrope of Bolton

John Scrope was the son of Emanuel, eleventh Lord Scrope of Bolton, and the first Earl of Sunderland. He was left Bolton Castle, which he defended for The King during The Civil Wars.

Sir Marmeduke Langdale relieved The Castle in April 1645. At about this time Scrope, with elements from his garrison, attacked and overcame Raby Castle, held for parliament by The Lascelles family. He did not have the men to garrison it so he trashed it before leaving. Col. Henry Chaytor reinforced the garrison with two hundred foot soldiers after Marston Moor. He also took over command. Bolton fell to Maj Gen Poyntz on 5th November 1645. He wrote at the time that having brought up capital guns and mortars, he had just won a great victory. The garrison was allowed to depart with their colours flying. Col Chaytor is reputed to have cut of his own hand and thrown it off the battlements at the besieging army. John Scrope was allowed to depart with four servants to his property at Langar, Nottinghamshire.

John Scrope died of the plague in London in July 1646 aged 21 years while under an assumed name and apparently on The Kings business. He left Bolton to his sister Mary Scrope.

Following the surrender, Bolton was held for parliament for two years. In 1647 Parliament ordered the castle to be rendered un-tenantable.

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