Henry Le Scrope

Henry Le Scrope, eldest son of William Le Scrope, was born 1271 in Bracewell, Wensley, Yorkshire, England. He inherited the Manor of Bolton from his father in 1303. He, and his brother Geoffrey Le Scrope, were both lawyers, soldiers and diplomats and became Chief Justice to the King's Bench.

Henry married Margaret de Ros about 1319 in Hamlake, Somersetshire, England. Henry Le Scrope had three sons:

  • William Le Scrope - eldest, died in 1344 after receiving wounds at the Battle of Morlaix
  • Stephen Le Scrope - died in 1344, without issue
  • Richard Le Scrope - became first Lord Scrope of Bolton

Henry Le Scrope died 7 September, 1336 and was buried 8 September 1336 in Abbey of St. Agatha.

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