Emanuel Scrope - Earl of Sunderland, 11th & Last Lord Scrope of Bolton

Emanuel, eleventh Lord Scrope of Bolton, was created by King Charles the first Earl of Sunderland 19 June 1627. Both titles became extinct at his death in the same year.

Emanuel Scrope (1584-1630) was the son of Sir Thomas Scrope, 10th Lord Scrope of Bolton (1567-1609). He had four surviving children by his mistress Martha Janes (a.k.a. Sanford):

  • John Scrope - was left Bolton Castle by his father
  • Mary Scrope - was left Bolton by her brother John Scrope
  • Elizabeth - married Thomas Savage, Earl Rivers
  • Annabella - married John Grubham Howe, Esq. (ancestor of the Earls and Viscount Howe; through this marriage, obtained manor of Langar in Nottinghamshire which came to the Scropes with the heiress of the Tiptofts)

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